George Heaton’s Go-To Barbell Workout Builds Full Body Strength and Serious Conditioning

Can you survive the Represent founder’s hardcore barbell cycling and air bike sprint workout?


Our April cover model, founder and creative director of the worldwide fashion brand Represent, George Heaton, is no stranger to a physical challenge. He’s faced down a HYROX doubles race, partnered up (and kept up with) none other than the HYROX world champ Hunter McIntyre, completed marathons, and now has his eyes set on an ultra. All while building a rig that looks chiseled enough to step on stage and pose down with any bodybuilder at a moment’s notice.

To build this type of hybrid athleticism takes a hybrid approach, and this 40-minute barbell and air bike workout is the personification of this.               (Barbell Workout Builds Full Body Strenght And Serious Condetioning)

A mixture of compound barbell lifts that’ll hit your legs, back, and shoulders, alongside a sprinkling of core work, all paired with sets of deadly sprints on the air bike – a piece of cardio kit that’s affectionately known as the ‘devil’s tricycle’. This ‘all round’ approach to training ensures no stone is unturned on Heaton’s fitness journey, which he himself refers to as ‘the mission‘.

Repeat the circuit five times, working every two mins for a total of 40 minutes

Pick weights and scale back the calories where necessary aiming to complete the reps and calories with 30 secs remaining in each round to score some rest before the next 2 mins begin.

Min 1-2: 10 deadlifts + 12 cal assault bike

barbell deadlift

Feet shoulder-width apart, hinge down and grip your barbell with a flat back, getting your hips low (A). Take a deep breath, create tension throughout your entire body and push the ground away with your feet, avoiding your hips shooting up too early and standing upright. (B). Reverse the movement back down to the ground and repeat.

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so you have a slight bend in the knee at the bottom of your cycle, and only the slightest bend in the arm at the end of each stroke (A). Try not to flail around, keep your breaths long and smooth for as long possible, and torso upright.

Min 3-4: 10 hang cleans + 12 cal assault bike

hang power clean

Feet shoulder-width apart, hinge down and grip your barbell with a flat back, torso upright (A). Explosively stand upwards, shrug your shoulders, and use the momentum to pull the barbell upwards whilst quickly dropping beneath the bar. Catch the barbell on your shoulders with a slight bend in the knees (B). Explosively stand upright. Lower the bar under control and repeat.

Min 5-6: 10 push press + 12 cal assault bike

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Clean your barbell onto your shoulders. Take a breath and brace your core. (A) Dip at the knees and use your legs to help (B) press your bar overhead explosively. Lower under control to your shoulders and repeat.

Min 7-8: 10 toes to bar + 12 cal assault bike

ab exercises, ab workouts
 Hang from a bar (A). Focussing on contracting your abs hard, lift your feet into the air, keeping your legs as straight as possible until your toes reach the bar (B). Lower back to the start position and repeat.

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